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Cells that need a lot of energy, such as your heart, brain, muscles and liver, have more mitochondria than other cells. Yet mitochondria don’t live long (up to 100 days) and must be constantly replaced. Mitochondria can also lose their efficiency and become dysfunctional, which influences your cells’ ability to perform optimally.

Health-minded individuals provide their bodies with the nutrients needed to keep their cells’ energy factories working. A key nutrient is MitoCarn™. If you’re looking to maintain healthy mitochondrial function and take advantages of the benefits delivered through supporting optimal cellular function, then MitoCarn™ may be your solution.*

Explore our four targeted L-Carnitine solutions

MitoCarn™ Heart

MitoCarn™ Heart

Your heart contains more mitochondria than any other organ in your body with about 5,000 mitochondria per cell.*

MitoCarn™ Brain

MitoCarn™ Brain

The brain uses more ATP than any other organ. In fact, your brain uses 70% of the ATP your entire body creates.*

MitoCarn™ Sport

MitoCarn™ Sport

MitoCarn™ Sport provides extra energy to the cells during the metabolic process and helps increase blood flow to the heart and muscles.*

MitoCarn™ Weight

MitoCarn™ Weight

MitoCarn™ Weight helps transport fatty acids into your cells to be burned for energy, promoting active utilizations rather than storage in at cells.*

Key Benefits Delivered by MitoCarn™

MitoCarn™ supports the healthy functioning of your body’s mitochondria. 

MitoCarn™ plays a key role in transferring nutrients, such as long-chain fatty acids, across the cell boundary into the mitochondria’s energy factories. The more nutrients that make it into the factory, the more energy your mitochondria can make. MitoCarn™ also helps your cells clean up toxic byproducts of this oxidative process, helping to maintain mitochondrial health. *

MitoCarn™ helps keep mitochondrial engines firing*

MitoCarn™ supports the body’s ATP production cycles. Healthy mitochondrial function is necessary to maintain optimal energy levels. If mitochondrial function wanes, energy supplies dip and you’re left with less energy to enjoy life. MitoCarn™ can deliver the nutrients your mitochondria use/utilize to maintain energy levels, even as you age.*

MitoCarn™ supplies antioxidant benefits*

MitoCarn™ also provides antioxidant protection for cells. Antioxidants help to reduce damage due to oxygen, such as that caused by free radicals. The more energy your body produces the greater its need for antioxidant protection. The processes that produce energy in the cell use oxygen and create reactive oxygen species (ROS) and other toxic residue as byproducts. MitoCarn™ provides the molecules that cells need to cleanse themselves of the waste produced by normal mitochondrial function.* 

MitoCarn™ supports clean energy production*

Without the molecules needed to constantly remove mitochondrial toxic residue, cells cannot remain strong. L-Carnitine in cells plays an important role in the clean-up side of energy production. Without adequate L-Carnitine, oxidation and its residual waste can inflict unwanted damage on mitochondria that accumulates over decades, finally making itself known with crippling effects. MitoCarn™ supports clean energy production by minimizing cellular waste during the ATP process. 

MitoCarn™ helps support healthy aging*

Mitochondria are also involved in the natural aging processes. Because they don’t last more than ~100 days, they need to be constantly replicated. This can result in DNA replication errors that weaken the mitochondria over time. It’s the same idea of how a copy of a copy is not as strong as the original. As mitochondria are replicated, the result is sub-optimal cellular functioning. In addition, poorly functioning mitochondria impose ongoing oxidative stress on parent cells that accelerates the aging process. Supporting healthy mitochondrial replication can slow the replication damage that is thought to accelerate aging.

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